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Public Offers are live!

Create your trades, your way.

You asked for it, so we built it.

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Why it exists

Sometimes you just want to get a trade done, and don’t really care who accepts it. That's what public offers is all about.

With Public Offers, you are able to create a trade your way without any negotiation. Simply specify what shoes you want and what you're willing to trade for them, and then post it publicly! Anybody with the shoes you're looking for will be able to see and accept your offer.

Let the world know the trades

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Exploring Public Offers

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Enable Closet match to see offers for shoes you own.

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Enable Wishlist match to see offers for shoes on your wishlist.

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Or hit “View all” to see the best deals, regardless of the shoes included.

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Browse Offers
By Shoe

Start with a specific target shoe you have or want to see Public Offers on it.

Creating a
Public Offer

In just a few easy steps, get the grails you want without the hassle!


Get your grail even easier this time around.

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