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Tradeblock Authentication & Quality Control

As sneakerheads ourselves, we take immense pride in ensuring the quality and authenticity of goods traded on our platform, and we are constantly improving our process to provide best-in-class service to all of our members.

The Process


Quality Control

Member Review


Ensuring authenticity is our top priority. Our team of expert authenticators thoroughly inspect every single product that comes through our facility. The physical inspection includes, but is not limited to, examining the material, structure, stitching, color, and labeling of every item.

Since we allow both new and used products on Tradeblock, our team ensures that the condition, packaging and accessories of each product are consistent with its listing in the app by comparing the physical product to the images and notes posted, to ensure that each member receives exactly what they were expecting.

Unlike other marketplaces, we empower our members to make the ultimate decision if there are any questions about small QC issues. If we confirm the authenticity of an item but identify small quality issues (ie. small glue stains, slight dents in a box, etc.), we inform the member who is set to receive that item and let them decide if they want to proceed with the trade or not.

We are the first and only company to put items through a two-factor authentication where items are deemed authentic by our own in-house authenticators and a third-party digital authentication service.

Have an issue? Don’t worry, we got you.

Tradeblock Guarantee

Tradeblock is committed to serving our incredible community of sneaker traders. As the number one sneaker trading platform in the world, ensuring authenticity has always been and will continue to be our top priority. If something goes wrong, you can trust that we’ll put our best foot forward
to fix it.

Everything we do at Tradeblock is aimed at delivering best-in-class service for our members. Whether you want to know the status of your trade or simply how Tradeblock works, our friendly and knowledgeable Member Experience team can help with any questions or concerns you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is authentication handled?
    Our team of expert authenticators ensure that every single item we touch is thoroughly inspected before sending it to its new owner. We conduct a detailed physical inspection, which includes, but is not limited to examining the material, structure, stitching, color, tags, and labeling of each item. We also put items through a digital inspection that is handled by a third-party authentication service to give our members that extra peace of mind. If there is any doubt about authenticity, we reject it, cancel the trade and send all items back to their original owners. We'd much rather reject an authentic item that to pass a fake one.
  • What is considered “Deadstock”?
    At Tradeblock, we consider deadstock as unworn with all the original packaging and accessories. If the shoes are new but have factory defects, they must be listed as “New with defects” in the shoe details. We recommend adding photos to your closet showing the defects on the shoes so that other members are able to view them prior to accepting the trade. If the shoes are missing the original packaging or accessories, please be sure it is listed in the shoe details as well. Lastly, we recommend adding a note in your listing for any issues the shoes may have, to avoid the trade being canceled.
  • How should the condition of the shoes be listed?
    For the condition of the shoes: Choose "Deadstock" if the shoes are brand new, have never been worn, and do not show any factory defects. Choose "New with defects" if the shoes are brand new and have never been worn, but do show factory defects. Pictures of the defects are required. Choose "Used" if the shoes have been worn and show signs of wear. (Yes- this includes if the shoes have only been tried on). Pictures of the wear on the shoes are required.
  • How do you authenticate “used” shoes?
    Our validation process is the same for Deadstock, New w/defects, and Used shoes. The only difference with used shoes is that we compare the condition of the shoe in hand to the pictures provided in the app. If the shoes show more signs of wear than is presented in pictures, they will be rejected.
  • Will my shoe always be sent for member review?
    No, Member Review is only used for shoes and/or boxes received that do not match the physical condition listed in the app.
  • Can I request a member review if the other trader is being suspicious?
    Our platform is not currently set up to accommodate those requests at this time but our authentication team is always looking out for the best interest of our members. If the condition of a shoe doesn’t match what's presented in the app, the shoes will be put through Member Review, and if there are any concerns about authenticity, we will cancel the trade and send your shoes back.
  • Can I return my shoes if I receive them with issues that were not disclosed to me in the pictures or notes?
    At Tradeblock, we strive to ensure all shoes that have passed our validation process meet the rigorous standards our members hold us to. While we strive to be perfect, if you believe you have received a shoe with a defect or flaw that was not stated in the listing or mentioned in the validation process, please get in touch with our support team within seventy-two (72) hours of when the carrier indicated that the item was delivered. You can submit your questions or concerns via our Help Center. When contacting our team, please include photos of the issue(s) on the box or shoes so that we can better assist you.
  • What should I do if I think I received a fake?
    As mentioned, we pride ourselves on our validation process but in the case you are questioning the authenticity of the shoes you have received, please contact our support team within seventy-two (72) hours of when the carrier indicated that the item was delivered. You can submit your questions or concerns via our Help Center.
  • How should the condition of the box be listed?
    For the condition of the box: Choose "Original box- good condition" if the box is brand new and does not have any rips, indentions, damaged sides/corners, etc. Choose "Damaged box" if the box shows any damages. Even minor ones. Pictures of any damages are recommended as it will increase the likelihood of the shoes passing validation with no issues Choose "Replacement box" if the box is not the matching box for the shoe. Pictures of the replacement box are recommended as it will increase the likelihood of the shoes passing validation with no issues.
  • If my shoes fail, can my shoes be held at the validation center while I make a new trade?
    If your shoes fail our validation process, they will be shipped back to you. If they failed validation due to condition issues, you will need to update the description of your shoes in the app before trading again. Shoes that fail due to authenticity concerns cannot be traded on the app.

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