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Trader Feature - KreweDeJawnKicks

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

I’ve bounced around a lot in my career and I’ve seen what a lack of community looks like and

seen the power of what a community can do for a brand. Joining Tradeblock was eye opening to

me. Have we had our hiccups? Of course. But the people that ride with us understand that we’re

going to take care of them. We’re always there for the community and will work to make it right,

100% of the time.

Our top traders know this the most and have been with us since we launched. They, like any

other trader on the platform, are encouraged to share feedback on updates that would make

things easier for them, bugs they’ve seen and trade hacks. We then bring this feedback to the

team and see how we can make it work for everyone.

Community is everything to us. In this series, you’ll hear from top traders, new members and

more about who they are and what they’re on the hunt for but most importantly, what about

Tradeblock has them constantly looking for more.

Enter one of our top traders, KreweDeJawnKicks. At the time of writing this, he’s sitting at 133

trades on the platform. Let’s hear a little bit about him and why he loves the platform so much:

Izzy: Tell me a bit about yourself

I'm in my late 30s so does that count as an old head? I'm one of those later in life sneakerheads

because growing up we didn't have much money. So it was one pair a year for me and never

anything really popular. I think the pair I loved the most growing up was my air huaraches that I

wore into the ground. Now I'm a new dad. Happily married to my best friend. Working in public

transportation in the Philly suburbs of jersey.

Izzy: What’s your favorite shoe ever?

Its gotta be the Chicago 1s. Absolutely classic colorway and silhouette and I'm lucky enough to

have a wearable pair of OG 85s.

Izzy: What’s one silhouette that’s super slept on?

I think the Fear of God 1s is the dopest new silhouette to come out in the last bunch of years.

They're not the easiest to pull off, but they're so clean.

Izzy: What was your #1 release of 2021?

Its cliche, but the A Ma Maniere 3s is an absolutely perfect collab. I can't wait to see what else

they do.

Izzy: When did you first jump on Tradeblock?

Fall 2020

Izzy: What was your first trade?

My DS Biohack 1s for their DS Racer Blue Zoom 1s. Not my best trade in hindsight. I think I

was just excited to try out the platform.

Izzy: Are you a reseller, collector or a bit of both?

A bit of both? I honestly consider myself a trader more than anything. I love getting stuff in and

finding good trades. I love "climbing the ladder" as I call it. Start with something and see what

dope pair I can build up to just through different trades. But I have a few pairs I'll never get rid of

and I do resell a bit to fuel the habit.

Izzy: Based on your answer to the previous question, how do you use Tradeblock to help

you collect/resell/a bit of both?

I find that there's a different ecosystem on tradeblock. Some pairs people just never ever want

to get rid of. So folks are willing to give up a lot if you are a trader willing to part with those

pairs. They'll do trades that are heavy in your favor. So I'm never scared to do those types of

trades when I'm giving up big hyped pairs. Then I'll take those pairs I get and build up bigger

trades I couldn't do just with the one pair I just gave up. Its all about finding people who are

specifically looking for the pair you have and willing to do trades others wouldn't. Repeat that

process a few dozen times and you've built a hell of a collection and likely a few trade partners

you know you'll always be able to get good trades down with. Half of the appeal of this app to

me is the relationships I've built with repeat trade partners. They look out for stuff I'm hunting

and I look out for stuff they're hunting.

Izzy: What are your trade tips/hacks?

When sending a trade, do the math. There's a sweet spot where you're offering a trade that's

better value for them then they could get just selling the pairs you're asking for and buying what

you're offering while you're getting better value than just selling and buying as well.

Izzy: What’s your Tradeblock username?


Izzy: What size are you?

13 mostly. Some 12.

Izzy: What’s on your wishlist?

Parra Dunks. OW 5 Sails and Muslins. Travis/Frag 1 Lows. All hallows eve blazers.

Izzy: Why should someone jump on Tradeblock?

The community they're building one trade at a time.


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