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Trader Feature - Frank Rosenthal

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

In this series, we highlight the community members that are on the block with us. From collectors to resellers to new enthusiasts, this series will introduce you to the members of Tradeblock that are using the platform everyday & they will provide you with tips and tricks on getting some trades done.

Enter Frank Rosenthal aka Phrossen on Tiktok. Frank joined us for our trader kickback in

Brooklyn a few weeks ago and had a blast. Talked the world about the block and even gave us

some new things to implement on the platform. Frank has one of the most comprehensive

collections that I have ever seen. From Dunks to Jordans and everything in between, Frank is

not afraid to use his kicks as currency to grab some grails from his wishlist. Let’s hear from


Izzy: Tell me a bit about yourself

- Hello! My name is Phrossen (Frank), NYC sneaker head since 2009. I’ve been

through every sneakerhead cycle since getting hooked on kicks after getting my

first job at 13 y/o. From running my own FB groups to the FCFS Jordan 11

releases/riots and the 42nd street times square meetups. Have bought, worn and

sold 10’s of thousands of sneakers over the years and met tons of incredible

people along the way ultimately forming a very special network. Mostly focusing

on grail hunting the last few years.

Izzy: What’s your favorite shoe ever?

- Nike Dunk High Osaka Dotonbori.

Izzy: What’s one silhouette that’s super slept on?

- The Cortez is criminally slept on historically and aesthetically.

Izzy: What was your #1 release of 2021?

- Nike SB Dunk Low Parra Abstract Art

Izzy: When did you first jump on Tradeblock?

- October 2021

Izzy: What was your first trade?

- Black Supreme Blazer for Nike SB Huf, Nike SB Be@rBrick & Trav 6 Khaki

Izzy: Are you a reseller, collector or a bit of both?

- 95% collector, sell pieces here and there.

Izzy: Based on your answer to the previous question, how do you use Tradeblock to help

you collect/resell/a bit of both?

- TradeBlock is an incredible platform to connect with collectors like myself. Also a

great way to maybe try some new silhouettes without having to spend money by

trading away some stuff. Also, higher end/niche collectors like myself value rarity

over money. The beauty of TradeBlock is the prioritization of trades over cash.

Izzy: What are your trade tips/hacks?

- REVERSE WISHLISTING. I preach this on TikTok. Start your search by seeing

who wants what you have first and then combing through their stuff. Gives you

the upperhand in getting the best possible trade value wise.

Izzy: What’s your Tradeblock username?

- Phrossen

Izzy: What size are you?

- 13/14

Izzy: What’s on your wishlist?

- Nike SB Mummy and Jordan 5 OW Muslin

Izzy: Why should someone jump on Tradeblock?

- Best way to always feel like you’re “shopping” but you’re upgrading and moving

around your collection while meeting new sneakerheads your size.

Pics below:

First Pic, circa 2010-2012 Highschool collection

Getting a summons around 2012 for selling shoes on the street after an event got shutdown for

too many people:

Current collection:

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