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Trader Feature - Bevin

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

In this series, we highlight the community members that are on the block with us. From

collectors to resellers to new enthusiasts, this series will introduce you to the members of

Tradeblock that are using the platform everyday & they will provide you with tips and tricks on

getting some trades done.

You may know him from his hilarious videos on Tiktok, Bevin creates content for us sneaker

lovers that enjoy laughing. Only 18 years old, he is quickly rising to the top as one of the most

engaging sneaker tiktok creators. Let’s hear from Bevin:

Izzy: Tell me a bit about yourself

My name is Kevin but everyone knows me by Bevin at this point, I’ve been into sneakers

for as long as I can remember. My very first retro was a pair of the 2011 black cement

3’s, I’m Salvadorian and a huge Celtics fan. I’m mainly into Jordans but I do know a thing

or 2 about other shoes like dunks, blazers etc.

Izzy: What’s your favorite shoe ever?

Would definitely have to go with the Sean Cliver Nike Sb. Fell In love with them the second I

saw the pictures.

Izzy: What’s one silhouette that’s super slept on?

Definitely the Jordan 7, it also happens to be my favorite Jordan Silhouette

Izzy: What was your #1 release of 2021?

I’d have to go with the Mummy Sb, super close second would be the A ma maniere 3’s


Izzy: When did you first jump on Tradeblock?

I believe around august. Maybe early September of 2021

Izzy: What was your first trade?

I traded a pair of Storm Blue 1’s for a pair of UNC 3’s with one of my followers!

Izzy: Are you a reseller, collector or a bit of both?

I’m a mix of both but definitely a collector first. I just resell to buy the pairs of shoes I

couldn’t get it for retail. It’s how I collect in a financially responsible way.

Izzy: Based on your answer to the previous question, how do you use Tradeblock to help you

collect/resell/a bit of both?

I just make sure I keep my wishlist updated and usually the offers just come rolling in.

Izzy: What are your trade tips/hacks?

Take advantage of the Messaging feature, changes the game completely when you

can talk to someone and explain to them how the trade would Benefit both of you. Way

better odds than just sending an offer.

Izzy: What’s your Tradeblock username?


Izzy: What size are you?

I wear a size 10.5-11

Izzy: What’s on your wishlist?

As of right now some shoes I REALLY want would be either the Atmos Jordan 3’s or

Grey Kaws Jordan 4.

Izzy: Why should someone jump on Tradeblock?

Trading is probably the best way to get the pairs you really want and Tradeblock makes it

super easy to do. You also get authentication so you don’t have to worried about receiving some

fake shoes which is definitely a big issue when trading outside of Tradeblock. It’s also a place

where I’ve made a lot of friends so if you’re looking for more people into sneakers Tradeblock is

definitely a good place to be. Overall just a really great app that every sneakerhead should be



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