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The Art of Trading Sneakers

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Trade started in prehistoric times. Trading was the main way of life for prehistoric people, who exchanged goods and services from each other in a gift economy before the innovation of modern-day currency. Back then, materials to keep warm, food and water were all the main things being exchanged. Today we are lucky to have other ways of receiving those necessities.

We trade more than we think in the modern world. Stocks, oil, food, wine and water are being traded between countries everyday and the trade economy is truly a lifeblood of modern day society.

Trading sneakers has been around for a long time. Since the days of internet blogs and sneaker

meetups, we have worked together on exchanging sneakers. Back then there weren’t millions of

resale shops and ease of pricing at our fingertips. It was all about doing your research and

trusting your trade partner.

Luckily for us, we don’t have to jump through hoops to get trades done and the process is

becoming more and more popular. With sneaker stock going down and the chances of getting a

W on a new release dwindling on every drop, right now is the perfect time to secure the latest

releases or your grail by using your kicks as currency.

Why Trading Is Better Than Buying Resale

The resale market is expected to reach $30 billion globally by 2030. Resellers literally exist

because they know there are people who will pay top dollar for the sneakers they want. Took an

L on SNKRS or CONFIRMED? What’s the next push notification that comes through? GOAT

and StockX looking for that bread you were about to use on the release.

The thing about resale is that it comes in many different forms. Online marketplaces like GOAT,

eBay, StockX or shops like Flight Club, Urban Necessities, Stadium Goods are a few of many

options available to the consumer. They may be easy to use or get to but they also come at a

premium. Resale prices tend to be higher than the platforms and the platforms come with high

fees that drive prices to a point of abandoned carts.

Enter trading. Not even going to talk about it specific to Tradeblock yet. Let’s just talk about the

concept of using your kicks as currency.

Let’s start with an example. I recently gave up my pretty used Travis Scott “British Khaki” Jordan

6’s for a brand new pair of Aleali May Jordan 14’s. Some people would call me crazy for the

trade (to whom I’d say, wear whatever you like and don’t listen to anyone else).

Anyway, the trade itself opens the door to more possibilities for me. There are a large number of

people that, when trading, are only open to trading for a deadstock pair of kicks. So I have that

covered. But I also have a brand new pair of kicks that, at the time of writing this, are valued at

$475. Remember, my 6’s were used and as a result, only valued at $350. I came up with $125

in value for a future trade.

Next, we’ll talk about why Tradeblock is the platform of the future for sneaker lovers like you and


Why You Should Check Out Tradeblock

Remember those Aleali May 14’s? Great. Let’s jump on Tradeblock and see who wants them.

This can be done one of many ways on the platform. The easiest way? People’s wishlists. All I

have to do is click on the shoe and it tells me how many people want them in my size. From

there I can scroll through peoples inventory and see what trades I can work out.

The next one? Messaging. Honestly my favorite feature. Sometimes people don’t have their

wishlist fully updated so I just send them a quick message asking if they’re interested in the

shoe I’m trying to move. The worst thing they can say is no right?

Lastly & the most bold? Start sending offers to people. You really never know. Send out a few

offers and see what sticks. Message the people you send offers to and encourage them to

counter if they aren’t interested in what you offered.

Quick note on this: This doesn’t mean I’m going to offer someone my Aleali 14’s for their Union

1’s. Make sure the offer is similar value wise. Too many offers like the one referenced above

and you’re on a fast track to getting blocked.

The final step would be for me to agree to a trade and ship out the shoes to the Tradeblock

authentication team which works around the clock to certify that we are getting real sneakers.

Our process is comprehensive and ensures that each trade completed is done with the utmost

certainty that we are getting the kicks we are looking for.

We’ve worked hard to make sure that there were as little hiccups as possible to this point and

the community sees it. There are people with hundreds of trades on the platform and know that

we are true to our word. It can be hard to build a community as strong and tight knit as ours and

we cannot wait to see what we accomplish next with the help of every one of you.

Trading is only growing and here to stay, so now it's your turn to get in on the action. Download the official Tradeblock app, available for free on iOS and Android and start exploring trades today.


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