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Hypervenoms, soccer, and new silhouettes featuring Collin

Our Trader Feature Series is the way for our community of Tradeblock members to let us know more about themselves, their passion for sneakers, and their take on the culture. Know a member with a sneaker story to tell? Let us know.

In this article, we're highlighting Collin, aka @Schicks.kicks on Tradeblock. Here's his story:

Tell us about yourself and let the Tradeblock community know more about you.

My name is Collin, and I currently live in Denver, CO. My real love for shoes started at a young age playing sports. I always wanted the most unique shoes on the court/field—stuff no one else had. It was always about catching someone's eyes with my shoes, from soccer cleats to basketball shoes. During my college time, that love tapered off. As a broke college kid, shoes weren't the main focus. I have re-sparked this love from old Jordan Retros to new Nike SB collabs in my adult life. The sneaker industry always has something new to offer, and I love that. People are always pushing design boundaries, and anticipating what is coming next feels like no other!

How did you get into sneakers?

It really started with soccer. I started playing soccer at a young age and about middle school was when I really wanted my cleats to stand out on the field. Bright colored [Nike] Hypervenom’s caught everyone’s attention and I loved that. From there it spilled over onto the basketball court as well.

What’s your hot take or perspective on where the sneaker game and industry are today?

I would say somewhere in between. They are always trying to push new boundaries with new silhouettes or collabs and can appreciate the ever-evolving designs coming out. However, a great feeling still comes with slipping on a pair of, say, Bred 4s; that doesn't compare!

What's your shoe size?


What is your favorite sneaker in your collection, and why?

Currently has to be my Bred 4s—such a classic colorway and silhouette combination. Thinking you can rock the same shoes that Jordan used to give people buckets in is a pretty sweet feeling. My current pair I actually got from a fellow sneakerhead on Instagram!

What shoe are you looking for, and what would you trade for them?

All-time grail: Staple NYC Pigeons SB Dunk Low. What would I trade for em? Well, I don't even think everything in my collection right now comes close to what they are worth haha

What's one silhouette that's super slept on?

Air Maxes! Most notably, Air Max 90s and Air Max 1s!

When and how did you find out about Tradeblock?

Through Instagram!

What's your favorite or best trade you've completed on Tradeblock?

[I] traded for the OW [Off-White] Jordan 5 Muslins! It was my first OW collab shoe that I have ever owned. Such a masterpiece!

What's the worst offer you've ever received, and how did you respond?

I don't keep track of them anymore because they happen every day. I can't name the worst ever. I just decline them and keep it moving!

For new members using Tradeblock, what are your tips and tricks for closing a trade?

Be willing to negotiate! Sometimes also, adding more pairs help to close a deal for the one pair you really want!

Okay cool, now let's have you fill in the blank. I trade because...

Simply put, it’s fun! It’s fun to have an evolving collection that I can use shoes I already own to help grow it with.

Alright, last question: why should someone join Tradeblock?

To grow and expand their collection. Endless opportunities to get some new heat into the rotation!

Thanks for much for answering our questions, Collin. How can people get in touch with you?

Tradeblock: @Schicks.kicks

Instagram @schickhappens31


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