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Walking in Step with Passion and Purpose: A Veteran's Journey to Tradeblock

Veteran's Day - Cale in Afghanistan

(Houston, TX) — As we approach Veteran's Day, we want to celebrate and thank the men and women in our community and on our team who have served in the armed forces. In this Tradeblock Team Feature, we want to highlight Cale Bryant an Army veteran, and our MX Support Manager.

November 11th is a special time for reflection—a moment to acknowledge the brave service of men and women who've served our country. For me, this day resonates with a symphony of emotions, colored by the camaraderie and challenges of my time in the military. As a black male veteran, I'm proud of my service, and now, I find new ground to break at Tradeblock, a place that feels like both a battlefield triumph and a homecoming.

Throughout my service, from the sands of Afghanistan to the shores of Hawaii, my identity as a sneakerhead remained a constant. Sneakers became more than a hobby; they were a connection to home, a stamp of individuality amid uniform ranks. Whether it was coordinating with a buddy to snag the latest release while deployed or lining up at local drops at Schofield Barracks, every pair acquired became a testament to my story—a journey tread in unique soles.

What it means to work at Tradeblock as a Veteran

Working at Tradeblock, a trailblazing company that not only speaks but also walks in the innovative spirit of diversity and entrepreneurship, I've found a rhythm that marries my past with my passion. Here, every trade isn't just a transaction; it's a narrative of culture, history, and the threads that weave our community together.

Being part of a black-owned company, especially one that pivots around a culture as rich and vibrant as the sneaker community, is empowering. It feels like we're doing more than just pushing against the status quo—we're lacing up and stepping over it.

Veteran's Day — Cale at Tradeblock

One of our missions at Tradeblock is to protect and enrich the trade experience, a purpose that resonates with my military ethos. Just as I stood guard for my fellow service members, today I stand guard for the integrity of every trade. It's about ensuring that passion is met with peace of mind and that every sneakerhead walks away with a sense of fulfillment.

As we celebrate Veterans Day, let's lace up in honor of those who've served and those who continue to march forward in their dreams. For me, the journey continues, one sneaker trade at a time.

Happy Veterans Day to all my fellow service members. Keep stepping strong.

— Cale, A Proud Veteran & Tradeblock Team Member, MX Support Manager


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