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A Mother's Love: An Air Jordan Story featuring Daniel

Our Trader Feature Series is the way for our community of Tradeblock members to let us know more about themselves, their passion for sneakers, and their take on the culture. Know a member with a sneaker story to tell? Let us know.

In this article, we're highlighting Daniel, aka @DYB3 on Tradeblock. Here's his story:

Tell us about yourself, and let the Tradeblock community know more about you.

My name is Daniel, and I'm a 44-year-old OG collector. Actually more like wearer morphed into a collector. I still remember my mom buying me my first [Air Jordan] Bred 1's when I was 7. I can hear her now saying, "I can't believe I just spent $50 on sneakers." [laughs] That first pair sparked a love affair. I was a very athletic youth, and I ALWAYS wore J's. Whether skateboarding in 1's or hooping in 6's, my feet stayed wrapped in [the] Jordan brand.

Fast forward some years. I'm 41, and my mom just passed. She left me a little money, and I just happened to be looking at shoes. I'm not a collector at all at this point, but I see the Off-White x Air Jordan 5's, and my eyes tear up instantly as I'm flooded with memories of my mother. I bought those 5's that second, and here we are, 102 pairs and several tens of thousands of dollars later, and we have a full-blown passion.

I can't even see myself not loving, following, collecting, and trading Jordan brand and Nike.

How did you get into sneakers?

My mom bought me a pair of Bred 1's when I was 7 years old, and I was hooked. I still remember her saying, "I can't believe I just spent $50 on sneakers." [laughs]

What's your hot take or perspective on where the sneaker game and industry are today?

I don't really have a hot take. My opinion is it's becoming inundated with folks trying to make a quick buck, to the detriment of some folks that may truly love the scene and culture. Then [quality control] falls behind so they can pump out more pairs to please the masses, trying to solve the resale problem, so I don't know what the answer is.

As long as I'm able to still get shoes and find like-minded people that love the culture, then I guess all isn't lost.

What's your shoe size?

13 M.

What is your favorite sneaker in your collection, and why?

My [Air Jordan] Sail Off-White 5's, because I think of my late mother every time I see them. My parents owned the local newspaper in our extremely small town in North Carolina. At the time, the big shoe store in the area, J's Shoes, bought ad space in their paper. The night before the 5's dropped, J came to the house with a fresh-off-the-line pair of white Jordan 5's. I ran down the hallway that whole night, seeing how far I could jump and still touch the top of the door jamb in our hallway. I put a wrinkle in the polyurethane, where my plant foot kept hitting over and over. [laughs]

What shoe are you looking for, and what would you trade for them?

I'd love to have the [Air Jordan] Gamma Blue 11's. There's just something about them that makes me tingle. [laughs]. I've put out my VNDS (very near deadstock) Travis Scott 4's for them, but no one has bitten.

What's one silhouette that's super slept on?

In my opinion, it's the 14. It's super slept-on with a futuristic look, and they have great quality. And there are so many different options you have with the 14 silhouette.

Case in point: the Reverse Ferrari 14's and the Toro's. The Reverse's are basically one big piece of supple leather throughout the whole shoe. The Toro's are a menagerie of polys, plastics, and looks of the future. You can just do so much with that one silhouette.

When and how did you find out about Tradeblock?

From a friend.

What's your favorite or best trade you've completed on Tradeblock?

My used Union LA x Air Jordan 4 "Desert Moss" for DS (deadstock) Air Jordan White Cement 3's (2013). Even. No cash or other shoes involved.

What's the worst offer you've ever received, and how did you respond?

I've had awful offers, and I always block them all.

One guy offered me those Chuck Taylor's with the eyes on them for my Off-White 5's. I've had equal or worse trades offered, but that one just sticks out.

For new members using Tradeblock, what are your tips and tricks for closing a trade?

Try new for new. If you REALLY want the other pair, maybe offer cash to cover their fee. NEVER NEVER, NEVER put "only offers in my favor." You look stupid, and I'll never deal with you.

Overall, just be patient and send solid offers. It'll work eventually. Go for folks that have made trades.

Fill in the blank. I trade because...

I love shoes.

Why should someone join Tradeblock?

It's a great tool for the sneaker collector. If you have a decent collection but want to trade, just put it up and be patient. If you just sit back, folks will eventually offer you a fortune for your heat. The best deals come to you if you're patient.

Thanks for much for answering our questions, Matt. How can people get in touch with you?

Tradeblock: @DYB3

Instagram: @dybiii


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